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Compagno Spice System


We all knew there had to be a better way, why would we buy a mill only to grind a single spice like Pepper or Salt when we cook with so many more? No more single-spice grinders, no more messy refills, and no more expensive battery replacements!

Freshly Ground Spices vs. Pre-Ground Spices

Immediately after grinding any spice, the volatile oils are released offering up a broad index of flavors and aroma, as the oils are released the flavors begin to deteriorate within hours, pre-ground spices lose much of this flavor long before they are even purchased. Good news, the Compagno Spice System has been developed to give you that fresh grind for a whole assortment of premium spices.

One-Hand Use

While cooking we often have wet hands, or we are seasoning raw meat that can carry dangerous bacteria so how do we unscrew caps to spices and use two hand grinders without washing hands between every spice? It was with this in mind that we designed the Compagno Spice System so you can change from one spice to the next with just one hand.

Compagno for the whole family

When we were developing your Compagno Spice system we felt it was important to help bring the family back to the kitchen, kids want to help, but everything is too hot, too sharp, or too difficult for most kids. The Compagno however is easy enough for a young child to operate and they get to watch the spice bottle turn inside the mill as it grinds your meal to perfection.

The Compagno Spice System Package includes:

  • Black and stainless electric rechargeable spice mill designed with grip ridges, grinding light, and viewing window.

  • Charging dock wrapped in stainless steel and equipped with full-length cord storage, blue LED dock-light, and power cord.

  • Bonus Assortment Pack of two full-size Piccolo Compagno bottles of Premium Spice

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